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Product Lines

SCRUM has over dozen product lines which include custom services like peptide synthesis. Everyone at SCRUM are dedicated to doing business for those products and services.

Product Lines of SCRUM

BINDER GmbH Germany CO2 Incubator
Bruker BioSpin USA In-Vivo, In-Vitro Imaging
DASGIP AG Germany Bioreactor
Genevac Ltd. UK Centrifugal Evaporator
INNOPSYS France Micro Array Scanner
  Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd. UK Software for Proteomics
SciGene, Inc. USA Hybridization Oven
Thermo Fisher Scientific
NanoDrop Products
USA Spectrophotometer
  TotalLab Ltd. UK

Software for 1D electrophoresis and western blot

software for 2D gel electrophoresis

Thomson Instrument Company USA Filter Vial for Sample Preparation,
Flask for Cell Culture
Uniqsis UK Flow Organic Synthesis
  Custom synthesis and development SCRUM
Peptide Synthesis
Antibody Development

Product Lines of Biotech-Lab (sister company of SCRUM)

Biotech-Lab has dozens of product lines from Japanese manufacturers and foreign subdiary companies located in Japan. Those businesses are non-exclusive basis because those suppliers are selling their products using 50-200 sub-dealers. Biothech-Lab is one of them in Tokyo and its surrounding area like Yokohama, Tsukuba, Chiba and Saitama.

Affimerix, Applied Biosystems, BeckmanCoulter, Bio-Rad, GE Healthcare, Invitrogen, Millipore, PerkinElmer, Sanyo, Promega, Thermo Fisher, Waters
and others

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